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Who We Are

We are a unique combination of professionals with decades of property management experience plus finance and technology experience from KPMG, McKinsey and Silicon Valley. We are all property investors. We aim to earn your trust so we can be your partner of choice for the long journey of being a property owner and investor – from trouble-free property management to fact-based and wise advice on what to buy or sell or how to improve the value of your property. If you want legal advice, you go to a good lawyer. If you want tax advice, a good accountant. If you want the best property advice and services. LongView is a real estate agency and property advisory firm founded by Property Investors for Property Investors. We couldn’t get the services we needed as property investors and talked to other owners who felt the same way. We created LongView so all owners could feel like they had a professional services firm to manage their property “business”.

How We Help You

Property investment is a long-term business that requires:

  • Rigorous evaluation, good timing and strong negotiation when you buy;
  • Decades of high quality property management service while you hold;
  • Periodic evaluation of renovation or redevelopment costs and benefits; and
  • Assessment of whether a property will continue to meet your evolving investment needs over time and if not, a skilled sales process

At various times over our journey together, we help our clients with each of these.

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Over 2500 Properties Under Management

LongView operates all across Melbourne in over 130 suburbs. We work with you to make sure your property investments deliver what you need from them – and we do that by working to understand three things beyond the property: family, facts and finance.

  • Family
    Family needs and life cycles mean different properties meet different needs at different times and the reasons you may have bought or held a property may be beyond just money.
  • Facts
    Complete access to all the facts – large scale data analytics – is necessary to make sure we understand all the history, market dynamics and underlying drivers that impact rental returns and capital growth.
  • Finance
    How a property is financed and your tax position can have as much impact on your returns as the property itself – we help identify financing and tax issues and opportunities and can introduce you to qualified experts to give formal advice.
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What Our Clients Say

“Longview has been managing our investment property and from day 1 I have been impressed by the degree of respect and professionalism with which they treat me as a landlord, and my tenants also.”

– Claire K

“Very professional and compassionate agents who have helped me navigate the rental market. Two agents in particular, Tania Gunther and Cheyenne Newman, have been amazing, always available to help and go the extra mile.”

– Michael B

“Transferred over to Longview Real Estate at the start of the year after having a few issues with my previous property management company. They are very supportive and have given me piece of mind that my property is being sufficiently looked after.

– Andrea S